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8. Dorina Sackman Florida Teacher of the Year

EPISODE 8: Dorina Sackman


2014 Florida Teacher of the Year




She went from managing Victoria’s Secret to becoming a state Teacher of the Year to one of three finalist for the National Teacher of the Year.  Hear my talk with Dorina as she tells about her high school teacher coming into class the very next day after loosing his son in combat, her thoughts of never being evaluated as a highly effective teacher, and the biggest mistake of her teaching career.


Show Notes



WEBSITE: Dorina Sackman


TWITTER: Dorina Sackman


Email: Dorina Sackman



Internet Resource Website:  The Teaching Channel and Twitter

Recommended Book:   Start With Why by Simone Sineck


Educational Quote:  “BELIEVE / Be the Educator who Lead to Inspire and Empower via Excellence.”  Dorina Sackman


History of American Cowboy: Florida Crackers The Cattlemen & Cowboys of Florida



Final Period Before the Final Bell:


Morning Person or Night Owl:

• Night Owl


Mac or PC:

• PC


Favorite Childhood Book:

•  The Giving Tree  by Shel Silverstein


First Paying Job:

• Newspaper Delivery girl on Long Island


Who would you invite for dinner:

• Noam Chomsky


Last Music Download or song playing in your car: 

• Jimmy Buffet, Change is an attitude


What would you do during an unexpected snow day? 

• Taking care of horses and calves on 27 acre ranch


Next Item on Bucket List:

• Getting married on May 7, 2016!