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3. Steve Perkins – Indiana Teacher of the Year (Latin)


Steve Perkins 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year surprise reaction to being announced the Teacher of the Year



As a 10 year old Steve Perkins made a list of what he would do as a classroom teacher.  Thirty-five years later, Steve Perkins would become the Indiana State Teacher of the Year.  Steve discusses his Top 10 list on The New Teacher Podcast.



On May 24, 1980, I jotted down my top ten list of things I wanted to do as a teacher. It was the end of my 5th grade year, and I did not want to forget the ideas I had formed in Mr. Neal Lang’s class at Slate Run Elementary School.


Blog: Steve Perkins Blog


Quote (read in Latin):

“People should be ashamed of themselves if they spend all of their time in learning and never bring forth anything for the public good or into the light to be seen by others.”  Cicero, Roman Orator, 106 BC – 43 BC


Final Period Before the Final Bell:


Morning Person or Night Owl:

• Morning


Mac or PC:

• PC


Favorite Childhood Book:

• Pilot Jack Knight (American Adventures) by A.M. Anderson (1950)


First Paying Job:

• Tutoring students in Summer School while in college


Favorite TV Show: 

• Longmire, A&E Network


Last Music Download or song playing in your car: 

• Hairband Stryper or Whitesnake


One Famous Person That You Would Invite for Dinner:

• English Poet Alexander Pope


What would you do during an unexpected snow day? 

• Writing


Next Item on Bucket List:

• Own a Mustang…. (Just crossed off)