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11. Doug Robertson, The Weird Teacher

Doug Robertson, author of the book He’s the Weird Teacher.   Doug takes all the creative energy and zany antics he uses to inspire the students in his classroom and has channeled it into a humorous guide to teaching.





Noted Author Rick Wormeli


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Website/Blog CUE


Final Period Before the Final Bell:


Morning Person or Night Owl:

• Night Owl


Mac or PC:

• PC


Favorite Childhood Book:

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss


First Paying Job:

• Life Guard


Favorite Television Show:



Latest Musical Download:

• Extinction A.D.


Who would you invite for dinner:

• Henry Rollins


What would you do during an unexpected snow day? 

• Hiding from the snow!


Next Item on Bucket List:

• Keynote at a conference




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